Winter Outfit Ideas

I have always loved winter fashion! You can layer multiple pieces together and (if you’re a tad fashion shy…) hide fun, festive fuzzy socks inside your boots! I have a lot of outfit ideas, but here are just 4 different styles to help give you some inspiration.

  • Festive and Comfortable

Jeans- American Eagle

Sweater- Abercrombie and Fitch

‘Merry Christmas’ Long Sleeve- Belk

Converse- Kohl’s

  • Sleek and Chic- My personal favorite!

Black Vest- Maurice’s

Patterned Blouse- Loft

Leggings- Target

Ankle Boots- Younkers

  • Casually Sophisticated 

Jeans- Maurice’s

Silk/Cotton Top- Forever 21

Scarf- Charlotte Rouse

Flats- Famous Footwear

  • Fashionably Rustic

Denim Button-Up- American Eagle

Leggings- Target

Ankle Boots- Clarks

What is your favorite outfit style?   I hope I gave you some ideas if you were wondering what to wear!  Be chic, be festive- but most importantly, be you!



*Some of the items linked are not an exact match to items in my pictures! Some pieces I have are older, however I did my best to find similar items to work with each outfit!*

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