Spa Night Essentials 

Whether you have finals coming up or are stressing over the holiday festivities, a spa night is always a great idea! Here is some essentials you need to make your spa night extra special! Let me know what you think and/or what you use.
Soft light- whether it is a candle or a warmer, soft light will add ambience to your night.

Bath bombs- I personally love the blackberry LUSH bath bomb!

Books- Need an escape? Get your mind lost in a story and forget your worries for the evening!

Sugar Scrub- Especially in the winter time, exfoliating is a must for your skin. Not only is it relaxing but it is beneficial!

Shows- Personally, Gilmore Girls always puts me in a better mood! Other great options are NCIS, Friends, or New Girl!

Masks- Whether it is a face or hair mask, now is your chance to do it!

Comfort Food- Grab that tub of Chunky Monkey, a spoon and you are set!

Here are my favorite spa night essentials! I hope they give you ideas for your next spa night! As always don’t forget to stay Chic Neat and Sweet!

What are your spa night essentials?


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