9 Apps To Keep You Healthy This Holiday

Whether you are trying to finish 2017 on a good note, or just really loving those holiday treats, I have compiled a list of 9 free apps to keep you healthy this holiday season! I use these apps and really enjoy the different benefits, each one gives! Let me know if you try any of them.

9 apps to stay healthy this holiday

Water Tracker

  • In a simple format it allows you to log how much water you are drinking. You start by entering a goal, and it notifies you through out the day of what percentage you are at, and how much more you need to drink.



  • As you move throughout your day, this app logs how many steps you take. You can create a goal, and check the app to see how close you are to reaching it.


Time Tracking

  • You keep this app open throughout your whole day and it logs how much time you are on your phone. It can also break down how many times you just pick up your phone, what time(s) you are on  your phone, etc.


Sleep Cycle

  • This app tracks how you sleep throughout the night (when you wake up, how deep of a sleep you are in, etc), has music to fall asleep to, allows you to set an alarm for a 30 minute time frame and wakes you up when you are in your lightest stage of sleep. The alarm also gradually gets louder so it doesn’t freak you out first thing in the morning.


Nike+ Training

  • Not only does this app have 100’s of workouts for you to choose, but you can also choose a plan that gives you specific workouts based on your goals. It tracks your activity and suggests/adjusts your plan based on your reflections.



  • Based on how you are feeling each day you can complete a meditation or breathing session, log your mood, health, and activities per day, create goals and make a plan to achieve them.



  • Log you food/meals, workouts, water, and measurements for the day. Track your progress, find quick workouts, and work towards achieving your goals.



  • Very similar to MyPlate, you can log what you eat, water, workouts, and track your progress. In addition to those things you can find plans to follow, based on your goals. Different plans range from diets, workouts, calorie counters, etc.



  • Find recipes, tutorials for whatever food your craving. All recipes are in an easy to follow format, with a video to watch as you make a recipe. You can also save recipes to your favorites and have access to them all the time.


These are all great apps! I tried to pick a range of different areas of health and wellness to fit everyone’s needs, but let me know if you are looking for a different app! I hope you give these a try! As always, don’t forget to stay Chic Neat and Sweet.

How are you staying healthy this holiday season?




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