17 Reasons To Always Be Grateful

Happy Thanksgiving week everbody! I hope you are all excited and enjoying the beginning of the holiday season- I know I am! So typically on thanksgiving we think of the things in our life we are grateful for and we celebrate them- but today’s post is about the things that you should always be thankful for, not just on thanksgiving! Let me know what you think and/or if you have any other ideas!

17 reasons to always be grateful

  1. Laughter– It gets us through the hard times and makes the good times even better!
  2. Health and Wellness– Whether or not you are working hard core at the gym, we should be thankful to be alive enjoying the lives we have been given.
  3. Family/Friends– While sometimes they drive us crazy, they are the people who have been there- good times and bad. I think their love is something to be grateful for.
  4. Coffee– Ok, so maybe not everybody loves coffee as much as me, but we should definitley be thankful for the little treats that help us through our day!
  5. Kindness– Maybe it is just a smile or holding a door open, but any form of kindness deserves a thank you.
  6. Everyday– Every morning is a fresh start, you get a chance to choose how to make the most of each and everyday.
  7. Education– We are lucky enough to have knowledge on almost any topic imaginable- that’s pretty awesome!
  8. Music– While it breaks silence, it can connect with whatever mood you are in.
  9. Clothes– Despite the fact that it keeps you warm, it is a way of showing your style.
  10. Netflix– I can’t thank of a better way to unwind from a day than to curl up and watch some good movies/tv shows.
  11. Color– Can you imagine how dull life would be without it?!
  12. Sadness– I know sadness is well, sad, but it also helps us find and learn who we are and what we care about.
  13. Photos– Sometimes we need reminders of those great times!
  14. Food– Kind of self explanatory, but food is pretty great- especially donuts!
  15. Glasses/Contacts– You’re very lucky if you don’t need them, but the rest of us would be walking into walls without them!
  16. Resturaunts– Sometimes we just aren’t in the mood to cook and then do the dishes.
  17. Yourself– Be grateful for the person you are and are becoming!

That’s it guys! Hope you enjoyed and were able to relate to this list! I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving week! As always, don’t forget to stay Chic Neat and Sweet!

What are you thankful for?



2 thoughts on “17 Reasons To Always Be Grateful

  1. I love this post…it sounds really weird, but something I’m grateful for is just that we can EXPERIENCE everything; a lot of animals are born into bodies without senses we take for granted (sight, taste, etc) and our species has this massive variety of sense and experience that i just love xx

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