Defining Confidence

Confidence has a lot of definitions. Some say it is trust. Others say an emotion. I say confidence is invisible individual armor. When you think about confidence, how would you talk about it. You would use it to say whether someone was or was not confident. You might say ‘She walked into the room with such confidence, everyone stopped and stared’ or ‘She stood her ground with confidence, as she defended herself.’ To me confidence is courage, elegance and a back bone. In some ways an invisible friend.

Too many girls walk around believing and listening to negative/hurtful people, or simply put- bullies. Rude and uncalled for statements are said that are meant to knock a person down. People are scared to take risks, wondering if they are ‘good enough’. That is when your invisible individual armor comes into play. It is there to remind you that you are enough. That you don’t need other people’s opinion(s). That you are are worthy and capable of making your own decisions.

Confidence is invisible because no one can physically see it and at the same time, can not be taken away from you. While it is invisible, people know in the way you talk and move if you can be swayed by other people’s opinions.

Confidence is individual because it is different for everyone. Some people have confidence in the form of mantras that they repeat to themselves. Some people’s confidence is an attitude or posture that makes them feel comfortable and strong in their own skin.

Confidence is armor because it protects us from hurtful, painful, and mean people/comments/moments that we go through. It is the soft voice telling you that you are enough. That warning it sends to your mind of toxic people.

Confidence is not cocky or arrogance. Confidence is quiet and humble. Confidence gets you through the good and bad times. Unfortunately, not everyone has confidence. It is not something you just get. Often times we have to find it within ourselves. Sometimes we don’t even realize we need it until it’s too late. You find your confidence by finding yourself and your beliefs, and opinions. And once you find it, it never has to leave your side.

I encourage all of you to go out and find your invisible individual armor and use it. Don’t be afraid of it. It is there to help you, guide you and to make you stronger.

What does confidence mean to you?



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