Fall Focus Playlist

Hi loves! Since the past few weeks was spent prepping and studying for finals, I listened to a lot of different stations and genres. I thought I would go ahead and share my favorites with you! They are all Spotify stations and I have listed my top 5 songs in each.

Deep Focus (Language Arts, Speech, and History Classes)

  • Pulchra- At The End of Times, Nothing
  • Bless Those Tired Eyes- Clem Leek
  • Waiting For Sundown- Monocle Twins
  • Hope Valley Hill- Helios
  • Waiting For Nothing- Evolution of Stars

Your Favorite Coffee House (Family Consumer Science, and Foreign Language Classes)

  • Untamed- Eddie Berman
  • Aeroplane- Holly Throsby
  • The Flood- Joshua Hyslop
  • We Can Never Go Back- Joy Williams
  • Sounds Like Help- Austin Bashman

Evening Chill (Math, Tech, and Science Class)

  • Comes and Goes- Covey
  • Bridge- High Highs
  • Closing In- Ruelle
  • Light- Jon Bryant
  • Dreams- Alice Boman

Peace (Art Class, and Projects)

  • Remember When- Alan Jackson
  • God, Your Mama, and Me- Florida Georgia Line
  • Lay Our Flowers Down- Lady Antebellum
  • Here Comes The Sun- The Beatles
  • Go Rest High On That Mountain- Vince Gill

Autumn Acoustic (English, History Classes)

  • Tiger Stripes Sky- Roo Panes
  • Agape- Bear’s Den
  • Back To Autumn- Tall Heights
  • Louise- Mipso
  • The Stable Song- Gregory Alan Isakov

Chilled Jazz (Design, and Elective Classes)

  • The Sweetest Days of September- The Solckholm Quartet
  • It’s Gonna Be A Good Day- Sassy Players
  • Over The Rainbow- Sonya O’Malley
  • Inner City Drive- IIya Mann
  • The Sweetest Nightlife- Ellie & The Bunch

That’s it for today! Hope you guys can find some new music you enjoy!

What is your favorite work time playlists? 


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