Monthly Loves: August

August is over and that means it is time to share our monthly loves! Here is each of our top five loves from August!

monthly loves august cover
Dani’s Love’s:

  1. Loreal Clay Pre-Shampoo Hair Mask: I absolutely love this product! I have gotten into a routine of using it every week! It is designed to moisturize and purify your hair. Plus since it is a pre-shampoo product and I rinse it off, and then continue by still shampooing and conditioning my hair, meaning my hair gets clean and doesn’t become oily.FullSizeRender 2
  2. Bath and Body Works Stress Relieving Eucalyptus Lotion:  I use it right after my shower and my skin becomes so smooth and moisturized. The scent is very relaxing so I like using it at night as I am winding down for bed.FullSizeRender.jpg
  3. ScentSationals Wax Melts: I don’t know about you but it is begining to feel a lot like fall! That means candles and warmers come out of storage and new wax melts get put in! I am currently using “No Place Like Home” scent! Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 10.57.36 PM.png
  4. White Converse: Ok I am honestly a little late jumping on this trend but I was always sckeptical of having white shoes because they would get dirty so fast. But now that I have been wearing them, I absolutley love them. Obviously they are comfortable but they go perfectly with light denim jeans and a tee. I just don’t take any shortcuts through the grass, and stick to the sidewalks when I wear them!fullsizerender-3.jpg
  5. Laura Geller Clear Moisturizing Spackle: Usually my make-up routine starts out with Laura Geller tinted Spackle but on days when I don’t want to do my full make-up routine I put on this clean moisturizing Spackle and it works wonders! It leaves my skin soft while also filling in pores and giving me a ‘casual make-up look’.FullSizeRender 4.jpg

    Aditi’s Love’s:

  6. Herbal Essences Spray gel- Weird, right?! But, it’s actually genius! I hate the sticky feeling that gel leaves behind, so I really enjoy the fact that you simply spray!IMG_2046
  7. Nature’s Bakery Fig Bar- Great for anyone who is on the go or doesn’t have time to make a healthy snack! Plus, it is filling and leaves you feeling satisfied, not hangry. Made with real ingredients, and not artificial stuff. I love the Blueberry and Apple flavors. In case you are wondering, you can’t really taste the fig. In fact, it tastes similar to a granola bar.IMG_2052
  8. Shea Moisture Conditioner- Amazing for anyone who struggles with dry, frizzy hair!! The texture of the conditioner is very smooth and when you rinse, your hair is left feeling very silky!IMG_2053
  9.  Maybelline Fit Me Concealer- Good concealer for the price. Not cakey looking if you build up coverage. I find that you need to set it with some powder for best results. Love the shade range for sure. IMG_2035
  10.  Jewelry Hanger- Love this mini hanger for your earrings and necklaces! It doesn’t take up any space on your dresser or table and it looks cute too! Very convenient also since it’s right there on the wall. FYI: Got it at dollar tree! FullSizeRender (5)

Thanks for reading our August Monthly Love’s! Share your Love’s in the comments, because we would Love (see what I did there) to talk to y’all!

~Aditi and Dani

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