11 Lessons From Being The ‘New Girl’

Hearing the words “New Girl” brings back lots of memories for me- some not so great. I was the new girl twice and not once did I enjoy it. Obviously having been the New Girl before I learned some tricks of the trade. Going into high school can be hard enough but going into it without knowing anyone or the inside jokes or good groups/bad groups can be even harder. Here is the 11 things I learned from being the New Girl. Hopefully you can take my lessons and use them to your advantage.

FGW is the new girl

1. Be yourself. People are trying to get to know you and if you fake someone that you think people will like, you will never meet ‘your’ people. ‘

2. Create a mental list of 3 things about yourself. Then when the teacher asks you to tell the class about yourself you can just list them off.

3. Wear something comfortable. The first day can be difficult. I wanted to look nice but I also wanted to be comfortable. Something like a sweater or hoodie are good ideas.

4. Ignore the looks. You’re a new sight, it’s a big deal in a school, don’t let it bother you. If people stare at you, they are trying to read who you are. Smile, walk with your head up, and laugh. If people feel comfortable around you they will want to get to know you more.

5. It will take a while to learn the inside jokes about previous years, who has been friends with who, who has dated who, and all of the gossip. To give it to you straight you will never know all of it, but you don’t need to. Half of it is plain drama and not knowing is sometimes for the best.

6. You will be asked multiple times (even three months after you have been at your new school) the famous question. “Who are you? Are you new?!” Laugh it off, these people are really not observant!

7. Don’t be afraid to share your old school (especially if it has something cooler than your new school!) with people. Look, getting a new girl in your school is a big deal and people want to hear all of your stories.

8. Find something to let out your thoughts and feelings. Moving and starting a new school can be really emotional. I found my self using art to let go of my stress and frustrations.

9. Be nice to everyone and smile. You are looking at your future friends for the next so many years. Starting conflict and getting enemies is a bad idea.

10. Try new things. Get involved in clubs and teams that like doing what you like to do. You will find yourself meeting friends with people that share your same interests.

11. Don’t forget the past. My move experience was really hard for me, and I thought that cutting off my relationships from my previous home was a good way to heal. I was very wrong. I regret the texts I never responded to and the calls I never answered. Don’t make my mistake. These people are your friends and even if you can’t see them everyday, you live in a world where technology makes communicating possible.

You can’t sugar coat it, being the New Girl sucks. It can be a very difficult time, but mindset is everything. You have to be willing to try new things and meet new people.  You can’t be shy because if you stand there and don’t do anything, you are looking at many long school days till graduation. Just don’t let a new environment change who you are and what you like and believe in. I really hope you have a great school year! As always don’t forget to stay Chic Neat and Sweet!



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