Create Your Own Style Inspiration Board (With printables)

You know those days where you stare into your closet saying “I have nothing to wear!!” while looking at 20 tops, 11 pairs of pants, and 22 shoes. The problem is not owning anything, it’s not knowing how to pair items. That is what is so cool about fashion- One top can go with 5 pants, 2 jackets, and 3 pairs of shoes! Creating a style inspiration board is a great way to get ideas for a new look when you aren’t sure what to wear. Here is the keys to having a great style inspiration board!

style insp. board cover

Include Fashion Icons: Who’s fashion do you love? Do you have favorite designer or celebrity. Print pictures of them in your favorite outfits. Try looking for icons who have a similar body type to yours.

vsco-photo-3 2.jpg

Include Quotes: Maybe the problem isn’t creating an outfit, but instead having the confidence to wear it! Here is a few of my favorite quote printables, but make sure you add your own!

Click here to get your own set of quotes!

Click here to get your own set of quotes!

Include Colors: Put colors that you love together on your board. Have different pallets and samples!

Include different textures: If you don’t actually have a swatch of furry, silk, and leather then just print off pictures of them.

Include Stickers: I found stickers of little accessories in my craft drawers. If you have little accessories like stickers, glitter, etc. add those around your board.

vsco-photo-2 3.jpg

Include Accessories: Don’t forget to print pictures of your favorite sunglasses, purses, jewelry ect.

vsco-photo-1 3.jpg

Include Brands: Print the logo or name of your favorite brands and designer.

Overall: Put all of your pictures on a bulletin board or cork board. Collage them up so it is a ‘mess’ of your style. The point is to get your creative mind to wake up!

There you go! One thing I love about this project is no one’s will be exactly alike! Make it personable and unique! As always don’t forget to stay Chic Neat and Sweet!





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