2017/18 School Year Bucket List

School is starting up again soon! Some of us can’t wait, some of us are dreading it! Either way I have a fun project for you to do this school year, that might make it a great year! Whenever you get bored or tired of school, look back on this list and see if you could do something on it! Try to make it a goal to accomplish everything on the list by the end of the school year!

school bucket list cover

*Scroll to the bottom to print out your own Bucket List*

  1. Write a letter to yourself to open at the end of the year
  2. Leave a note in someones locker telling them a compliment
  3. Leave a note for a teacher thanking them.
  4. Read a classic. (One you might actually find interesting.)
  5. Join a new club/team.
  6. Make a new friend.
  7. Wear your hair natural for a day (or not your typical style!)
  8. Wake up early and make a big breakfast.
  9. Bring your own lunch (or if you already do that eat from the cafe!)
  10. Start a new habit (working out, reading, drawing, etc.)
  11. Volunteer at a school event (football game, parents night, conferences,etc.)
  12. Go to a School event you usually don’t attend!
  13. Take lots of pictures.
  14. Learn a new skill (writing checks, yoga, new sport)
  15. Rip up and throw away old assignments (make sure you won’t need them later!!)
  16. Follow a photo challenge
  17. Be organized and create a routine (homework, morning/night, workout routines)
  18. Try to get straight A’s

Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 10.04.10 PM.png           Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 10.03.57 PM

Click here to get your School Bucket List!

Make sure you print your own bucket list in the color of your choice! Have a great school year! And as always don’t forget to stay Chic Neat and Sweet!



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