For the Girl Who is Starting High School

Starting high school can be a mix of excitement and fear. Becoming a freshman can be very intimidating, so we have created a list of 10 things that make your life a lot easier during school. High school is a time where you are finding who you are as a person so cherish every good moment and learn from every bad one.

Here are our tips and tricks to make your freshman year in high school easier:

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  1. Organization is key! If you have good organization skills, you are sure to be more successful. How can you be organized? Keep all the worksheets and paper you get through out the day in separate folders. One for Homework, and another for important papers/ Worksheets you may need later. Make sure that you also write down homework that’s due and other deadlines in your planner. Trust me, your planner is your best friend. Check out our planner organization post for help!
  2. Lot’s of homework. It is school after all, but don’t worry! I suggest writing down any after school activities/sports on your planner. Then you can easily find any free spaces to put in your study time and complete your homework.
  3. Use class time wisely. Sometimes we can get off-track when working with friends, which is fine as long as you are positive that you can complete it at home. Most teachers give ample amounts of time to work in class so I didn’t have much homework on most days. Plus, if you use your class time to do your work, you can also ask your teacher any questions you have right away and get a better understanding.
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you don’t, you will regret it. Sometimes your friends or google may give you a answer that’s incorrect. Then you will be the one who pays the price on test day. Asking questions doesn’t make you look dumber in front of others. In fact, teachers are more friendly towards students who ask good questions. It makes you look smarter tbh.
  5. Ignore drama. Focus on what’s important. This stuff happens. Just try not to get involved and mind your own business. The thing that’s important here is school. Not who stole who’s boyfriend. So if you have your goals set clear in your mind, drama is the last thing that you need.
  6. It’s OK to not know the answer… and admit it. One of my biggest pet peeves is when the teacher calls on me when my hand is not raised. I mean there is a reason your hand is not in the air, either you really don’t know the answer or you are just daydreaming! No matter the reason though teachers still decide to call on you, and instead of saying “What?” or “Can you repeat the question?” and putting yourself in an awkward and embarrassing situation just say “I don’t know.” Now obviously there will be times when the teacher doesn’t care if you know the answer they just want to point out that you are not paying attention and instead talking to your friends, but just shake it off. Don’t let it bother you, we all have been there and not known the answer to a question, you can not be focused every second of the day and that is ok!
  7. All Nighters do Exist. It’s a good thing I love coffee because without I am not sure how I would have made it through some of those school days. As mentioned earlier you get a lot of assignments and projects. Sometimes in order to make you work the best it can be, you have to take a while working on it, sometimes you have two essays, one powerpoint to make, and an exam to study for. Now I am a night owl, so staying up is not the problem for me, instead it is waking up. My best advice to avoid several all nighters is to not procrastinate and be proactive. But if you find yourself staring at flashcards at 1:00 in the morning you need to choose between studying and being really tired for the test or sleeping and being awake and having all of your brain cells working?
  8. Friend Groups Change. I was told this by so many people when I first started high school, but didn’t believe them. I told myself that my friends and I were so close and we would never split up, long story short my friend group did change. The fact is that you will meet new people, you will find new interests, you will take different classes and sometimes you just drift apart from your friends. Now I’m not saying you will loose your best friend that you had since kindergarden because everyone is different but the reality is friends will come and go. Don’t be afraid to meet new people and drift away from some, high school is a time where you are learning who you really are and part of that includes the people you hang out with.
  9. Not every assignment matters. I can tell you several examples of assignments I spent hours over when come to find out it was not even graded. While doing you best at every assignment is good, it is also very time consuming. Prioritize you homework and projects. Make sure you know what is practice, or graded. It is good to give your best to everything but it is also good to take time to spend with some friends/family or yourself.
  10. It’s OK to not get all A’s. Let me say that it is not impossible to get all A’s because I have done it, but some of those classes I was one or two decimal points away from a B. The reality is some classes are harder than others and some teachers are harder than others. You will have subjects that you excel at and some that you don’t. If you need extra help don’t be afraid to ask for a tutor or more instructions. And no matter how hard the class is you should try your best. But if final grades come out and you see a B or even a C, it is not the end of the world. A letter does not define you, so don’t let it destroy you.

There you go, that is 10 tips to make the first year a little easier. We hope you all have a great school year! Good luck! And as always don’t forget to stay Chic Neat and Sweet!


Aditi and Dani


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