10 Fashion Must Haves For School

School is just around the corner, so that means back to school shopping is now on your to-do list! Here is what you need to make sure you have everything so you will be looking your best come school! I have 10 items including accessories, shoes, and clothes! 1. Simple Stud Earrings Having simple earrings that you can dress up or dress down is a must … Continue reading 10 Fashion Must Haves For School

5 School Lunches to make ahead (shopping list included)

For me, its all about having a healthy breakfast and filling lunch. These things can be easily done during summer, but once school rolls around, we suddenly become lazy and cut corners by sometimes choosing lunch or breakfast when in a hurry. Which is why today I’m sharing 5 lunches for school that you can make the night before and still have time for breakfast in the morning.5 school lunches

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Create Your Own Style Inspiration Board (With printables)

You know those days where you stare into your closet saying “I have nothing to wear!!” while looking at 20 tops, 11 pairs of pants, and 22 shoes. The problem is not owning anything, it’s not knowing how to pair items. That is what is so cool about fashion- One top can go with 5 pants, 2 jackets, and 3 pairs of shoes! Creating a … Continue reading Create Your Own Style Inspiration Board (With printables)

11 Lessons From Being The ‘New Girl’

Hearing the words “New Girl” brings back lots of memories for me- some not so great. I was the new girl twice and not once did I enjoy it. Obviously having been the New Girl before I learned some tricks of the trade. Going into high school can be hard enough but going into it without knowing anyone or the inside jokes or good groups/bad groups can be even harder. Here is the 11 things I learned from being the New Girl. Hopefully you can take my lessons and use them to your advantage.

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