For the Girl Who Lacks Positivity

The funny thing about being human is somedays we wake up and feel like we can conquer the world, while other days we feel as though nothing is working out in our favor. The key to handling the bad days is having a positive outlook, but a lot of times finding the good in everything can be really hard, so here is six ways to become more positive (and continue to be positive in your everyday life)!

Copy of Rainy Day Blues featured image

Start and End Your Day With a Happy Heart:

Starting your day by listening to your favorite radio station, eating your favorite breakfast or reading your favorite book is one way to begin your day with positivity. Being able to start the day by saying “today is going to be a great day because so far I have done something I enjoy…” is important because it gets you in the right mindset for the day. Then no matter how rough the day was, you can end your day by, again, doing something that makes your heart happy. This way you don’t fall asleep in a bad mood, which helps you get a good nights rest, and allows you to wake up happy.

Not everyday is good but there is good in everyday

Make Note of the Good:

You could keep a journal of good things that happened to you each day, a gratitude journal, or even text a close friend something positive each day. Being able to focus on the good in your life is important, but keeping track of the positive is good so when you have a not so good day, you can look back on it and remind yourself how lucky you are.

Let go of the Negative:

We have all had those times when something bad or stressful happens, but then a week later it is all fixed and we are like why did I waste my time getting upset about that?! Next time you start to fall into that cycle stop and think “is this worth getting upset over?” and if it is find a way to handle it, but if it isn’t then let it go. Spending some time by yourself in a quiet space whether thats laying on your bed staring at the ceiling, or actually meditating is a good time for you to relax and collect your thoughts, while also letting go of the negative thoughts and emotions.

Wild SpiritPep Talk:

This one seems silly but it really is important. The number one way to become more positive is believing that you are enough. You need to tell yourself that you are beautiful, smart, and strong enough to handle the day ahead. Then when stuff gets thrown at you throughout the day, remind yourself of your pep talk and tackle your problems with confidence.

Random Acts of Kindness:

Many studies have shown that if you do something kind for someone else, you not only make them happy, but you feel happy too! So go ahead and hold the door for someone, leave a note at someones desk, send a friend flowers, and make them and you feel better.

Make Changes:

Solving problems are like pulling weeds- you have to find the root of the problem and work from there. So if you are struggling with positivity then find the root of the problem. What is causing you took be negative- is it the people you are around? Is it your environment? Is it your mindset? Once you figure out the root, pull it. If the people you hang out with put you down, how can you get away from them? Stop being around them? Stand up for yourself? To see a difference you have to make a change, so find your  root and pull it.

So there is six ways to help you become more posititve. Living life with the glass half full leads to a happy life, so don’t waste your energy on the negative. As always, don’t forget to stay Chic Neat and Sweet!



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