What To (And Not) Do to Your Hair

     Our hair goes through a variety of different stages, we have all had those bad hair days (or weeks… or maybe months), and those great hair days! We’re here to help with the bad ones! Here is 9 simple things that you should NOT do to your hair and what you should do instead!

healthy hair featured image

1. DON’T-Wash Your Hair Everyday

Washing your hair everyday is very damaging to the hair and causes breakage and hair loss. Instead DO, try washing your hair every other day! If you are worried your hair will look greasy invest in a good dry shampoo, but once your hair is used to not being washed daily you will notice it not being as oily!

2. DON’T-Use Too Much Heat

Increasing the heat too high causes hair to become thin and lose it’s natural texture, especially if you’re using heat tools everyday. Instead, DO keep the heat to 350 degrees or less to minimize damage. Don’t forget to use heat protectant spray as well! Or leave it for special occasions and embrace your natural hair!​​​

3. DON’T-Ignore your hair

 Try to learn what type of hair you have. Is it curly? Straight? Wavy? Fine? Thick? Oily?  DO look for products that embrace your hair type! You don’t want to use products that are not meant for your hair because your hair will begin to thin out and be stripped of its original ‘makeup’!

4. DON’T-Go To Bed With Your Hair Tied Back

 This is a common mistake I hear about often! Sleeping with your hair in a braid, pony tail, or messy bun is breaking your hair and damaging it! The pony tail is bending your hair strands and sleeping in it causes the pony tail to damage your hair even more! If you want a certain look in the morning DO try getting a shower earlier and keeping your hair in your up-do until right before bed, when you would take it out. Or you could try some different products to get the look you want!

5. DON’T-Stay The Same 

We tend to get into habits with our hair that we don’t realize is damaging to it! Habits such as parting our hair always on one side or always straightening your hair! Instead of doing the same thing everyday DO change your style and technique. This is important because your hair will begin to loose its body and bounce because it is so used to being in one position. For example I always had curly hair that was extremely thick, when I started to straighten my hair everyday I noticed the curls becoming less uniform and my hair thinning out. As I saw the change I began missing my crazy untamable hair but it was so damaged that it took me a while to get it back to a healthy state where it had body and bounce!

6. DON’T-Use Harsh Chemicals or Products

Don’t let name brands fool you! When it comes to hair products, slogans and ads draw us into buying them! When in reality the products have harsh chemicals and are stripping your hairs natural oils. Obviously this is damaging to your hair so instead DO use natural products! Many name brand hair products are coming out with organic and natural products so when you go shopping look for ones that say natural or organic! Another tip is to do a quick search for a product you are looking for! For example, you could search
“natural shampoo and conditions for thick oily hair”! Look for product reviews and recommendations!

7. DON’T-Brush hair from the top to bottom!

This causes more hair breakage and is very painful if you have knots in your hair. DO-Brush hair from the tips of your hair and then work your way up to the scalp. 

8. DON’T- Leave your hair brushes dirty.

It’s easier to leave the hair in the brush instead of taking it out each time you brush, but this causes bacteria or those gray fuzzy things to grow on the brush which you may have noticed. Instead, DO clean your hair brush with a simple DIY recipe. 

9. DON’T- Use conditioner like shampoo!

Conditioner is only meant for the tips of your hair not the roots! Using conditioner all over your hair leaves a greasy and oily feel to your hair. DO apply conditioner to the tips and gently massage the ends. Leave it on for a few minutes and then gently rinse.

Hope this helps your hair become healthier! As always don’t forget to stay Chic Neat and Sweet! 

~Dani and Aditi  


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