Planner Organization

     I have always been a good, straight A’s student, but around half-way through middle school I realized how important a planner was! I would tell myself I didn’t need to write an assignment down, just to have completely forgotten by the next day, and ended up having to rush last minute to complete a project! Whether you’re a student, have a job, or just have a lot going on, a planner is the way to go!

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It took me a while to really figure out the best way for me to organize my planner but I finally figured it out! This post shows you how I organize my planner-this method works on any monthly planner! 

     When I decided to invest in a planner I did a lot of research on the best quality planner, that was also cute! While there are many options out there I kept hearing about the Erin Condren Life Planners! Their method is in a vertical layout and organized into three boxes (which are usually meant for morning, afternoon, night)! I liked the idea of a vertical daily planner because it was different than the planners at office stores, so I gave it a try! To be honest the planner was super cute and full of quotes and motivation but it just wasn’t the right planner for me! I needed to write down assignments and occasional events, but I found that layout didn’t work for that! Plus the planner cost me a good chunk of money so I decided try something new this year that didn’t cost that much!

     I ended up sticking with Erin Condren because I loved the style and personalization factor of their planners but this time I decided to go with one of their other, newer planners- their Monthly Planner! I can not stress enough how much I have fallen in love with this planner! I finally figured out a method that is simple, and easy that I can keep up with it daily! The nice thing about my technique is it can work on any monthly planner, so if you are hesitant to order one just get a monthly planner for a lesser price and try it out to see if this method works for you!

      There really isn’t certain order for how to organize your planner but here is the 5 tactics I use to create a color-coded page of organization.

1. Write Homework Right On The Planner In That Day’s Box

As I get an assignment through out my school day I write it in that day’s box. This part I usually do in pencil, that way I can erase it if I need to! During summer months instead of writing homework I will usually write what tasks I need to accomplish that day.

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Some days/months are busier than others!

    2.  Highlighting

     Highlighters are used for multiple purposes in my planner! Their main job is to plan out in what I order I will do my homework by highlighting each assignment a certain color! Usually I do this part at the end of the day once I know I have all of my homework that will be assigned for the day! I have a color coded system that goes yellow, orange, pink, blue, green, purple. Yellow means I will do that assignment first, orange means that assignment I will do second, and so forth with the colors! Another purpose for highlighters is in the side bar (where there is usually lines for notes) I will highlight important information, such as if I made an account and I wrote my password there-this is highlighted in yellow! The last purpose for highlighters is rare but if I miss school for an event or am sick I write ABSENT in the day’s box and highlight the entire box in pink.

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     3. Post-It Notes Tabs

So written in the box is homework, stuck on top of the box is Post-It tabs that say appointments, school events, sports/activities, social gathering, etc. (check out the picture below for a key for all of the color-coding)! I purposely use Post-Its because plans change often so I can either throw away the tab or move it to another date without using a drop of White-Out! 

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     4. Using The Side Bar

I have covered where I write homework and events, so for my to-do list I write it on the side bar along with important information! In the Erin Condren Monthly Planner the side bar included small dots that form a checklist so you can check tasks off as you complete them, if yours doesn’t have that then you can just write them in! 

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     5. Pocket in the back

On Erin Condren’s site they have a ‘pocket’ you can stick to the back inside cover of your planner! In this pocket I keep passes, notes, and ‘important’ papers that I have to turn in! This spot is easily accessible and I have never had a problem of the papers falling out!

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So that’s all to it! 5 simple ways to organize your planner! I highly recommend Erin Condren because they really have a planner for everyone, plus lots of accessories! I hope this helped make your planner a little more tolerable! As always don’t forget to stay Chic Neat and Sweet!



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